Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm Farha T residing in Bangalore since two years. My native is Chennai and I love it for all the reasons,be it the place, people, weather, my Family and friends. It has all and will always love for whatever reason.

In this blog, I will be sharing images, videos, thoughts and my collections as well. It will be like a scrap book with information and entertainment too. Hope you all enjoy the same!

This is one of my favourite places in Chennai. The beach, it is the heart of Chennai and means a lot more than a beach to a lot of them. It is a friend, a peacemaker, a listener, a story teller and much more.

A simple video which shows sharing gives you immense happiness.
Add SHARING in your To-do's list today and earn happiness all the way.
It will brighten your day and someone else's too. It will bring a smile on someone's face and your's too, what better way to start your day.

This frock is part of my new collection named the Little Princess which is targeted for children between 4-8 years. It is made of printed satin and buzzy lizzy trims have been used. This frock can also be worn with a lacy or knit shrug which will enhance the frock's beauty. Frocks can be designed as per individual's choice. More designs will be uploaded soon.

This is a digital printed stole/ scarf. It is available in another color combination. It will look stylish over the LBD or any other dress even formal wear.

                                                                      Song of the day

One of my all time favourites, It is a very special song as it talks about a connection between you and God. The lyrics are very soothing and has a deep meaning to it.


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